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PPG Studios is the result of big professionals action in design and construction of recording studios. Engineers, manufacturers, designers and musicians have been working to obtain a unique and amazing sound quality, in an environment that enhances the ultimate expression of creativity. It is a place, where 30 years of experience, innovation and tradition come together in a "world" that conveys emotion and warmth.


pierpaoloconsole My passion for music grew up with me since I was a child, and expressed the urge to communicate the melodic world that I felt inside. At the same time I developed the interest for electronics, which later combined perfectly with the former passion. .For this reason I now find myself as a creative composer, arranger, and a sound technician in a recording studio.

My first musical experience was in a piano bar where I worked as a keyboard player with various groups, among which the " Homo Sapiens " ( 1988-1992 ).
Later I completed Private piano studies and received Diploma in musical theory and solfeggio at the Conservatory of Siena. My encounter with Andrea Bocelli took place before he became a famous artist, and was very important for me, because the beauty of his voice in addition to our close friendship inspired me and was a stimulus to my musical endeavors.

homosapiens As an artistic producer I made the arrangements for the musical scores of Bocelli`s first successes, the pre-productions of "Miserere" and "Il mare calmo della sera".. During these years I composed and recorded various musical genre, accenting in opera and latin-american, concentrating my efforts and various ideas in studio Centauro, situated in S. Pietro Belvedere in Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany. Among my first compositions most satisfying was a latin-american piece, a latin dance, of which I also wrote the lyrics " Puppua ", that became in Spain the hymn of the World Soccer Championship in France in 1998, and was performed for a long time on " Striscia la notizia "as the ballet music.
Then I wrote " Cantico " in the album " Sogno " of Andrea Bocelli with the collaboration of Mario Malavasi. In the pop album of Andrea Bocelli " Cieli di Toscana " I wrote two songs: " Melodramma " and the duet " L`abitudine ". Both became singles of the same album. For many projects I prefer to work with many collaborators such as Paolo Luciani , the co-author of " Melodramma " and Rosanna Sciaria, pop interpreter and chorus singer, with whom I pre-produced the duet " L`abitudine ". pierpaolo1

With Andrea Bocelli I wrote many songs as " Sempre o mai "from the album " Andrea ". We often find ourselves in a similar musical thought that leads us to a mutual composing direction.
As a producer I made the arrangements of many different types of musical compositions such as instrumentals, music titles, soundtracks and commercial pop. Also latin-american music inspires me and brings me innovative rhythms and modern sonorities to work with.

During the world evolution God gives and God takes the dearest and most desired things in our lives. In the alternation of pain and joy we give birth to our most significant and truest works. And life goes on smiling among music and art, a never ending story.


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P.P.G. Studios by Centauro Record
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